Cafe Menu (In-Store Only)

Everyday, our café makes fresh salads using only certified organic products straight from our extensive market place. Also in our cabinet are vegan and vegetarian pizzas, summer rolls, vege or meat toasties on sourdough bread and a large array of raw and traditional cakes. Gluten free, vegan diets are well catered for too. 

Here is a list of what you can also find - It's all organic!


2 slices Spelt Megagrain Sourdough or GF Megagrain Sourdough Toast with - 

- butter & jam / raw honey $9

- cashew cheese and tomato $13

- smashed avo and tomato $13

- smashed avo, feta and lemon $14

Rye Fruit Sourdough with - 

- grass fed butter $9

- honey and banana $9

Nachos - 

- corn chips, beans, salsa, cheese, avo, fresh tomato and sour cream $19

Vegan Nachos- 

- corn chips, beans, salsa, avo, fresh tomato and cashew cheese $19

Bowls -

- Acai or Dragonfruit with acai or dragonfruit, apple, banana, activated muesli, cacao nibs, coconut, goji berries and chia $16

- Black Detox Acai with charcoal, acai, banana, coconut yoghurt, buckinis and goji berries $16

*Add a raw cake slice (gf, df, v) for $4.50.

Organic Super Smoothies - $13 Large

- Wray Energiser with acai, chia, mixed berries, banana, coconut water, flaxseed oil

- Wray Recovery with 100% sprouted rice protein powder, maca, mesquite, coconut water, banana, supergreens, cocoluscious icecream

- Detox Charcoal with acai, charcoal, banana, coconut water

- Tropical Acai with acai, mango, banana, coconut water

- Choc Peanut with peanut butter, cacao, banana, chia, cocoquench milk

- Choc Tumeric with turmeric, cacao, cinnamon, banana, avo, almond milk

- Choc Protein with inca inchi nut protein powder, abc nut butter, banana, coconut milk

- Salted Caramel with almond milk, banana, raw cashews, medjool dates, himalayan salt and dulse flakes.

- Green Coconut with coconut water, kale, flaxseed oil, nutra organics supergreens, banana.

- Sunrise Superfood with 100% sprouted rice protein, mixed berries, cacao, banana, coconut water, flaxseed oil.

-Dragon Kiss with dragonfruit, raspberries, orange, lemon, banana, coconut water.

No Ice Organic Juices $12 Large

 - Wray Classic with apple, carrot, beetroot, kale, celery, ginger and tumeric

- Green Supreme with green vegetables, celery, apple, lime, mint 

- Immune Booster with orange, apple, carrot and ginger

- 100% vegetable - you choose $15

Frappes $12 Large

- Wray : our favourite ice-coffee blended smooth

- Banoffie with banana, coffee, coconut icecream, cocoquench milk

- Tumeric Spice with turmeric spice blend, coconut icecream and cocoquench milk.

Iced Drinks $12 Large

- Iced Coffee, Iced Chocolate, Iced Mocha : all with vanilla icecream and barambah milk (vegan option available)

Hot Drinks

- Flat White, Cap, Latte $4.20 or $5

Short Black / Picollo $3.50

Long Black $4.80

Mocha $5.70

Supergreens Latte $7

Tumeric Latte $6

Matcha Latte $7

Mushroom Latte $7

Velvet Latte $6

Chai Latte $5

Bullet Proof Coffee $6

LSD $6

Real Chai Tea $3.90

Love Tea Herbal Tea Range $3.90 per pot

Real Hot Chocolate with real choc pieces or gf/df Aztec powder $5

Babychino $1.50

*Add 'chaga' mushroom to your fav coffee to nourish your skin and gut $1