Apiary Made Sustainable Beeswax Food Wraps 3-pack

Apiary Made Sustainable Beeswax Food Wraps 3-pack

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A natural, beautiful and reusable alternative to store and prolong the life of your produce. 

Made with pure beeswax, 100% cotton, organic jojoba oil and natural tree resin.

Assorted 3 pack. Contains - 

small - 20 x 21 cm

medium - 25cm x 26cm

large - 32cm x 34cm

Perfect for wrapping bread, cheese, herbs, sandwiches, bowls of salad or keeping your fruit and veggies fresh. Use as an alternative to cling wrap or other plastics.

Ethically sourced. Handmade in Australia. Naturally anti-bacterial. Zero waste. Cruelty free. Biodegradable.

Please be aware that each pack of 3 contains different colours and patterns. No 2 packs are the same and will look different to the image shown.

Apiary Made Beeswax Wraps will last up to 12 months being used a few times a week on average.