Best Of The Bone Bone Broth Concentrate 375g

Best Of The Bone Bone Broth Concentrate 375g

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Dairy-Hormone-Antibiotic Gluten & Sugar Free. Keto.

40% Collagen Protein. 19 Amino Acids. 

Ingredients - Grass-fed, pasture-raised slow-cooked New Zealand & Australian beef leg bone, evaporated sea salt. NO ADDITIVES!

Serving Suggestions - Recommended for broths, soups or sauces or add to dishes to increase digestibility. ADD a teaspoon or tablespoon to cup/mug of hot water for a nutritious bone broth - add spices and vegetables as desired. 

Collagen protein types 1, 2, 3, 19 amino acids, essential minerals including magnesium, calcium, phosphorous & iron.

The Gut & Joint Health Powerhouse.

37 serves.