Hormone Replacement - The Real Truth

Hormone Replacement - The Real Truth

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Hormone Replacement - The Real Truth by Dr Sandra Cabot.

Balance your hormones naturally and swing from the chandeliers!

Dr Cabot takes away the fear and confusion about hormone replacement that is gripping women all over the world! This book provides you with the most recent information and gives you the life saving answers that you need to reclaim your life.

You will find safe and effective answers for

  • menopause
  • balancing your hormones naturally
  • osteoporosis
  • weight excess
  • heart disease
  • the tests that you must have to check your hormones 
  • menopausal women with breast cancer

Discover how to

  • reduce the risk of degenerative disease
  • have a fabulous sex life at any age
  • improve your partner's sex drive
  • slow down the aging process
  • stop depression and anxiety
  • stop the pain of fibromyalgia
  • get your mind and memory back
  • have a good night's sleep